Multi-Family-section_canstockphoto19595128Our first love was Apartment houses. It’s in our blood. Even our great grandparents owned and resided in a four-family property in the late 1800’s to provide supplemental income, and to offset the cost of ownership. They understood the value proposition – that everyone needs a home, but not everyone has the ability or desire to buy a home. This results in a steady supply of tenants.

We have come a long way, and have bought/sold a multitude of small, medium, and very large multi-family properties since inception. Each one was a learning experience, and helped us develop a deep understanding of the market, the different property types, the market sectors, and forces that drive multifamily investments.

Our experience encompasses a diverse array of Multi-family assets, including:

  • City apartment buildings
  • Apartment Complex’s
  • Mixed use with apartments
  • Student housing
  • Senior complexes
  • Affordable housing
  • Hotels and Motels
  • Condominium communities
  • Bed and Breakfast properties

Our services can be tailored to suit small investors, corporate buyers, or institutional investors. Whether small or large, new properties or old, our depth of expertise gives clients solutions that are creative, cost-effective and specific to their needs.

If you are interested in selling, buying, evaluating or building multi-family housing, contact us for a confidential discussion first.